My husband never gives me a straight answer


Men don't give straight answers because we are in most cases too prideful to say, "I don't know. Strange, this question caught my attention as I have only ever seen this happen with women.

It just goes to show it happens on both sides. I guess it just depends on the person rather than the sex as I can think of a lot of women like this but hardly any men. To say all men is a strech but the reason could simply be respect. Some men only answer what they want. If they don't think your important or the topic is a waste of time they may dance around the question because the really don't care. The second answer would be to protect themselves or to manipulate a situation.

Possibly because they've been burned too many times by women that ask a question they don't want a straight answer to? The age old "Does this make my butt look big?

my husband never gives me a straight answer

Answer truthfully and the poor man is in deep trouble, so he dances around trying to answer without flat out lying. Men also often have trouble understanding what the question truly is. Many men can only answer what is actually asked, even when they know the real question is something else entirely. The world is full of questions. And sometimes there's more than one answer to each question asked. And then you have to ask yourself, what is a '"straight" question anyway?

Did you know that questions make men hungry? It's true. It's been scientifically proven somewhere, and science is very rarely wrong.

Who doesn't love cake? Nothing too dry mind. Sorry, what was the question now?! From my experience, only 1 thing For example! Your question here Well no!More often than not, a reluctance in answering a question in a clear, precise, and forward manner points to the answer being an unpleasant one. Sometimes a truthful answer may be dangerous to a campaign, a corporate strategy, or the pride of the person answering certain questions. People who fear the effects of an answer can begin to employ unobvious ways of getting around a requirement to provide that answer.

Those who become skilled in sidestepping certain questions and master avoiding answering them are difficult to get a grasp on. They, by all intents and purposes, become slippery in their social relations with other individuals.

The goal here is to provide guidance on how to get a solid grasp on slippery individuals in your day to day interactions. Asking questions is a behavior of eliciting specified types of information. Detailed, descriptive, answers can only be elicited with questions which are detailed and descriptive in their own right.

Without any one of these pillars, the question would completely lose its meaning. The pillars of a question thereby, are defined by subject matter which a question depends on to elicit the type of answers that you seek. For example, as your dog walker comes walking through the front door with your happy dog, you may want to know if your dog barked at people who passed by on their bikes during their walk today.

The pillars of your question, thereby, would be:. Without including these three pillars in a question that you decide to pose to the dog walker, your question would elicit vagueness, and would likely be misinterpreted. A question which is posed with all the necessary pillars in place, looks for answers to address every pillar of that specific question. They may address some, or most, of the pillars that support your questions, but will never address all of them in one answer.

The willful ignorance toward even one of the pillars that your question is built on, will leave unnecessary room for interpretation in the answers that people give. When asking important questions, ensure to be cognizant of the pillars that your questions are built on. Know the most important pieces which comprise your questions, and thereby which pieces a potential answer should include in its delivery.

As you notice people conveniently fail to address certain critical pillars of the questions that you pose, you may decide to intervene and reiterate your questions. A thing to remember in your attempts of doing so, is to not exude an essence of catching them doing something sneaky. The blame you place on yourself, would be in the form of criticizing the question that you posed. Though your question may have been clear and direct, place unnecessary blame on your, perhaps subpar, method of delivering it.

Was your team doing any patient information imports over the weekend?Guys and males in general don't give straight answers as they really don't know themselves, not worth the worry honeyyou are only young get on with your life and have some fun Rejection is a hard pill to swallow.

There is often a need to hear 'why' someone has rejected you - but at the end of the day the simple thing to accept is that whilst YOU may have felt more committed to the relationship - your EX-bf was obviously not. It is therefore better to move on and not to fret too much. It is painful - but it is part of the 'psycho-biological' hunt that the seeking of the perfect pertner life!

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Signals may tell one person that someone else is 'suitable' for them but those same signals which are triggered by physical, emotional, and natural biological factors may just not work for the other person. This is normal. If you know in yourself that you are a nice person to be with, a pleasant character, have an attractive dispostion I am not talking about looks You are young, free and have so much time to find a new partner, to taste life, to learn OR - On the other hand he may just be emotionally mature enough to know he would only have been taking advantage of you if he maintained the relationship whilst not really having his 'heart' in it.

In either case it is wiser that he had the sense to end things - and YOU are the better off for this. Take the view that is most positive and helpful for you to accept things are over and helps you to progress.

Rememeber the nice moments you had with this guy - as sweet memories. And focus on the future - there is a world of good people out there - and you will find the person with whom all the pieces fit for BOTH of you in due course.

Maybe he doesnt wanna give u a straigth answer becos he doesnt have any. Maybe its just a way of breaking up with u or he's got this new girl that he's dissing u for. Neva mind, there are lots of boys out there like that. Dont be let down, just make sure u pick a better one next time. Good luck!!!! I don't mean to sound mean but 3. He's probably too immature for you - maybe he knows that and feels inferior to you. Or maybe he's just too shallow and stupid to appreciate you.

I remember hearing a teenage boy once on a train talking about how he'd broken up with his girlfriend just before her birthday or Christmas I forget whichand got back together with her afterwards. He never really intended to end things - he just didn't want to buy her a present. I think that's the best you're gonna get and quite frankly good riddance to him! Go out with your friends, have a laugh, meet new people, new men It's over.

And there's no point dwelling over what went wrong, if only I'd done this, if only i said that And when people ask what happened with you and him in months to come you'll find yourself saying: "It just didn't work out! Sorry, that is the only answer your gonna get. He is not going to offer more then that. Or else he would have already. You could always talk to his friends and find out from them if they know anything. But after only being with him for 3.

Blessed be He gave you a straight answer Did you want him to tell you that he doesn't like you and worse. Except the answer he gives you and move on. You should just accept the answer he gave and move on.

If you push him he'll only get cross and possibly be mean to you.By: Stephanie Kirby. Everyone needs to unwind after a long day at work. We all have different ways to relax and let the stress roll off. Does your husband grab the television remote and catch up on sports? Does he pop open the laptop and veg out with some computer games? Does he answer your efforts at making small talk with grunts and groans? When your husband ignores you, it might seem like you are as invisible as a ghost, and can be quite hurtful.

When you sense that your husband pays more attention to inanimate objects than you, it can conjure up all kinds of difficult emotions. You may feel neglected, disappointed, depressed, alone, and maybe even unattractive. Here are some things that you can try, and other things that you should avoid, to improve the mood, and the quality of the interactions in your marriage.

Let's discuss what you can do about it.

If Your Partner Can't Answer Any Of These 13 Questions, It's A Red Flag

Try a little kindness, even if you don't feel like it. Goodwill begets goodwill. There's just no downside to being kind, especially to those we love the most! Sometimes the most disappointing qualities in our spouse are true of us as well. We often project our own tendencies onto others. Consider if you might also be displaying your husband's undesirable behavior.

When you notice yourself complaining that your husband ignores you, take a moment to turn the lens onto yourself to see if there is room for you to improve in how much positive attention you show him.

why won't he give me a straight answer?

Give him something without expecting something back. A 'tit for tat' attitude can be damaging to a marriage. Be willing to give everything you can to serve the best interests of your husband, and your relationship. This is rarely the case. It could be because one partner is ill or has a demanding job. If both spouses do everything they can to nurture the marriage at all times, then it won't be such a shock when one is less available or has less to give.

Acknowledge that he needs some downtime and then let him have some. Your husband is much more likely to be available, and to want, to meet your needs when you understand his.

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Most humans tend to respond better to positivity from the other person. You can choose to set this standard in your marriage. Ask him how long he wants you to give him before you ask for some cuddle time. He might be done with the football game or Minecraft much sooner than you think. This kind of playfulness and flirtation goes a very long way in creating healthy marriages and keeping them that way.

Think of all of your interactions with your husband as foreplay! You may be astounded at what this produces - in both of you. Catch him being good. If he compliments you or gives you some unexpected time for conversation, thank him for it and take the opportunity to throw him a kiss.There are some questions about men that only a guy can answer. We asked the dudes at guyspeak. Q: Why do men opt for a "we'll see" as opposed to a straight "yes" or "no" answer?

Men answer with "we'll see" as a courtesy to the women we love. See, generally, when you ask a question of us that elicits a "we'll see", what we're thinking is "hell no" but realizing that there might be a way to make it a "yes" because we love you and care about you and believe that if you're happy, then all will be right with the world.

But those things do because when you asked we said "we'll see" as opposed to "no".

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That was our contract and agreement to you outlining our willingness to look into plausible scenarios where whatever insanity you brought to the table could become manifest. See, "we'll see" is really all about your happiness. It is also used to perhaps begin the conversation into returning your impulsive suggestion back to reality.

It never does, but we can hope can't we?

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Isn't that what Barack Obama's election was all about? In the face of remarkable odds? So the point is, your request isn't as easy as a simple "yes" or "no", so "we'll see" and hopefully we can turn that frown upside down. But you must give us some time to see if we can pull it off.

Why won't she give me a straight answer?

Can we do it? We'll see. Do you have a trick for getting him to give you a real answer to questions? More from guyspeak. How can I tell what's on his mind? How can I tell if he's lying to me? Friend GuySpeak on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Visit Shopglamour.Closure in a relationship with a a narcissist is challenging regardless of whether we decide to finally go no-contact with them, or they leave abruptly which is always the way they leave if they decide to do so.

A partner may cut off contact completely without letting the narcissist know that he or she is doing so out of concerns for safety or to avoid narcissistic rage or intense attempts getting the partner to stay that it might cause or even some combination of all three. The narcissist may also cut off contact without a word once securing a new source of primary narcissistic supply, after the original partner has fallen off the pedestal.

Breakups can also occur if the narcissist seeks revenge after a narcissistic injury and discards the partner in a humiliating or cruel manner.

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For example, it is common for narcissists to take up other partners within days of leaving a primary partner. They may then return to the original primary and vacillate between them. You feel they are trying to provide closure, but there is a lingering feeling of dissatisfaction.

This is not closure. Narcissists cannot provide closure for many of the same reasons that they cannot engage in constructive conversations with us. Closure, as what we think of as a final conversation, has a symbolic meaning that gives a narcissist many more ways to both potentially manipulate, remain in control, and also, to render him or her powerless if we handle it properly. They have been attached to the way we make them feel. If they are leaving for some reason related to their own lives, they already have new things going on in their lives.

To narcissists, exes are fair game forever. Closure means whatever they want it to mean at the time a relationships ends. They may promise to answer questions at a later time. They may intentionally say they want to continue a conversation later or that they will think about our questions because they want to give us serious answers.

Many times, part of closure involves trying to understand why the relationship unfolded the way it did and we attempt to seek answers from the narcissist. If you claimed to love me so much, why did you hurt me like that? What is really going on? In truth, there are no answers they could provide to us that we could accept until we are ready to accept that our partner did not view our relationship the same way that we did and never had the same goals.So why does Google do this?

First, Google expects that you understand the AdWords policies when you sign up for their service. Your business model has to align with their policies. There have been enough bad apples over the years that the policies have become quite strong. My client had a website that would ask for a name and email address in exchange for some information. The goal of the site was a trade of data for information, but what if the information never came through?

Spammers could just take your information, never give you anything, and then spam your information or sell it to others. This used to be pretty common, and so Google started shutting down anything that even had a whiff that it was made just to harvest data. Of course, my client really was giving out information in exchange for the name and email.

They wanted that info so they could start the sales process. But to Google, my client should have just offered some information for free on the page, and then perhaps offered something more in exchange for personal information.

These tricky edge cases are the ones that I see often in my practice. In this case, the client wanted the personal information to later sell a product, so we put a large ad on the page, at least half the space minimum, for the product to show Google that the purpose of the page was the sell the product, not to harvest the information.

Once we did that and submitted the site for reapproval and the suspension was lifted. Google expects you to know these things when you use their service. Google also gets another advantage by staying vague. Those marketers who would love to exploit the ad network would prefer specifics. Think of the chaos that would happen if Google exposed every aspect of their search algorithm. The top spots would be filled with spam before you know it.

If you get suspended, the first thing to do is to read through the AdWords policies to see where you might have slipped up. If you can figure out what went wrong, you may be able to fix it yourself. Thankfully, most suspensions are reversible given enough time and technical assistance. In he founded GetBackonGoogle. Your email address will not be published.

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my husband never gives me a straight answer

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my husband never gives me a straight answer

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