Bitumen required per sqm


GlobeCore develops and manufactures extra-heavy duty colloid mills for production of water-bitumen emulsions and other dispersion systems. The most efficient alternative to organic bitumen solutions and hot bitumen mastics is the use of water-bitumen emulsions.

Such emulsions have several advantages and are widely used in road construction industry. Bitumen emulsions for road construction are quite economical, environmentally friendly and safe, while the physical and chemical parameters of emulsions are better than those of other bitumen dispersion systems.

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Due to low viscosity, high adhesion and good elasticity, water-bitumen emulsions ensure high quality and reliability of modern roads and highways. Water-bitumen emulsions are used in road construction mostly for tack coat formation and pavement surface treatment, for patch repairs and saturation of pavement. Not the least important indication is consumption of the emulsion for road construction. Consumption depends on nature of treatment and the surface treated.

For instance, when treating asphalt pavement, grams of emulsion are used for 1 square meter, while treatment of gravel increases the consumption to gram per square meter. Consumption may vary depending on application method.

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Normal bitumen emulsion consumption for tack coating is quite lower 0. Surface treatment of pavement is performed by spraying bitumen emulsion and distribution of fine gravel. It is important to control emulsion and gravel consumption, which must be finely portioned. Pavement surface treatment can be double or single.

In single treatment, water-bitumen emulsion consumption is 1. Double treatment is applied when pavement is damaged.

How to calculate the Quantity of Bitumen in per sq m -- Rate of application of Bitumen in Prime Coat

There are two methods of double treatment. In the first method the consumption of emulsion is 1. In the latter case, water bitumen emulsion is applied once, and gravel is applied twice, but emulsion consumption is 2.

bitumen required per sqm

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Bitumen emulsion consumption

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Enable All Save Changes.Please contact marketing hanson. Hanson offer Asphalt deliveries 24 hours, 7 days a week up to a distance of 50 miles from our strategically located asphalt plants. Our high quality asphalt product solutions have been developed to be the ideal choice for a wide range of asphalt surface applications, from major civil engineering projects to domestic driveways and footpaths.

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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Math and Arithmetic. How many tons of asphalt in 1 square meter 50 mm thick? Wiki User Anywhere between 0. Depending upon the type of asphalt, and its actual make up, the density of asphalt can vary between 1.

Related Questions Asked in Math and Arithmetic, Area, Concrete and Cement How many square feet of asphalt does a ton cover at three inches thick cover at3 inches thick? You have not said what substance you are using a ton of to cover the asphalt. Asked in Math and Arithmetic How many square feet in a ton of asphalt?

The amount of square feet in a ton of asphalt will depend on the thickness of the asphalt. If the asphalt is three inches thick it will have to cover the area three times. The type of asphalt used is also a factor towards weight. That depends on how thin you spread it.

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If it's a meter thick, it only covers one square meter. If it's a centimeter thick, it covers a hundred square meters. Asked in Civil Engineering How many yards is in a ton of asphalt? Aproximately Asked in Units of Measure, Area How many square meters in a cubic meter if square meter is mm thick? Square meter is a unit of area, cubic meter is a unit of volume.

You probable think to the volume 1 m x 1 m x 0,1 m o,1 m3. Asked in Units of Measure, Area How many square feet in a cubic meter one inch thick and 3 inches wide?

bitumen required per sqm

This question can not be answered because square feet are a measure of area and a cubic meter is a measure of volume.Very often road making supervisors whose task is to lay bitumen-concrete mix want to know the amount of the mix to order because they do not want to have by the end of the process a truck with cold asphalt without knowing how to get rid of it.

The largest amount — about This can be explained by the best possible continuous curve of granularmetric composition of SMAM by a high degree of filling the frame with aggregate grains of different size. The amount for coarse aggregate mix is less — about 24kg per 1cm, because their granularmetric curve is discontinuous, that is the space between large grains is filled with sand, but not with small fractional stone screening dust, as it is in the case of SMAM.

For sand bitumen-concrete mix the amount is The above given figures are not precise, they can vary upward or downward in accordance with the type of crushed stone or sand you use, as the density of mineral materials and their strength physical-chemical properties are different due to the place of their extraction open-cut mine.

Thus if your plan is to surface a road section with a total area m2, 5cm thick with bitumen-concrete mix of SMA type your calculation shall be according to the simple formula:. In our case the surface area is m2, so multiplying this area by 0. It turns out that 1 ton of bitumen-concrete mix is enough to cover 8 square meters of surface, later on, the thickness of the layer increasing, the surface area will decrease.

PS The aim of this article is not to give a conclusive table of the amount of asphalt in relation to the type of mix and thickness of the layer. All we wanted was to show in simple words and using a few figures what the amount of asphalt depends upon and how it can be expressed in rough estimation. I hope we managed to do this. New accessible technologies create new methods of work.

One of the mutual misconceptions is that the road color should be…. The question is — how to calculate the amount of asphalt? Related article.Thank you Your Enquiry has been sent successfully. Product Price : Get Latest Price. Polymer Modified Bitumen can be used in asphalt mix designs which result in the manufacture of cohesive asphalt mix with good elasticity suitable for type of traffic.

Special attention to be given to the temperatures while manufacturing, lying and compaction are performed. Thank you! Your enquiry has been sent successfully. Your requirement has been sent successfully. Send Email. Send SMS. Your Contact Information: not me. RS 1 Cationic Bitumen Emulsion. Get Best Quote. Grade Standard. Type Of Surface Qty. Additional Information: Production Capacity:. Delivery Time:.

Packaging Details:. I am interested. Ss 2 Cationic Bitumen Emulsion. Ask for Price. MS Cationic Bitumen Emulsion. Packaging Type. View PDF. SS 1 Cationic Bitumen Emulsion. Type of Surface Kinematic Viscosity Primer 60 deg.

Looking for Bitumen Emulsions? Our Products. Imported Bitumen.Primer is a solution composed of a blown, hard and flexible bitumen mixture with selected Product Consumption. A, 1, Bituminous Colours, 40 sq metres per 5. Product Description Highly durable, acrylic paint for marking asphalt and concrete roads. Special Features The required The primer shall be bitumen emulsion, complying with IS of a type and grade as specified SS Quantities of materials required for 10 m2 20 mm.

The required tonnage of hot-mix asphalt for a particular job may be calculated Allow the primer to dry Policy Land Development Guidelines. SS8 — Asphalt Surfacing. The application rate in Table 4 herein shall be increased by 0. Unit Quantities of materials required.

Page Although variations of these The required gradation of base course material shall conform to Table 1. Transitions between reclaimed asphalt and crushed gravel or crushed stone fine But commonly it assume 2. Per square yard 1 inch thick.Statewide Bitumen provide the highest standard of Asphalt and bitumen driveways, roadwork, carparks, pathways, crack sealing and asphalt rejuvination. Specialists In The most important and often under valued item to be considered when installing a new driveway is the road base and compaction.

Excavate to the required depth, usually about mm to remove turf, weeds, soft subbase material, soil and other contaminents that would undermine the compaction of your roadbase and later cause the bitumen or asphalt driveway to fail. If clay is found you must remove it or apply at least mm of road base over it. Level and compact the sub base trying to achieve the correct falls within mm prior to laying base.

Lay and compact at least mm 4" of good quality road base graded 2. If your budget permits increase the depth to mm. Compaction of the road base requires water to lubricate the particle into place and remove air pockets. Without water during the compaction process the road base will not compact, roller lines and tyre marks will remain no matter how many times you go over it.

The road base should be shaped to be free draining where possible. A free draining surface is far better than installing drainage and is also less expensive. The next step is to apply: Primerseal if you have decided to lay asphalt and: Prime if you are going to lay bitumen or coloured bitumen.

bitumen required per sqm

Primerseal is bitumen or bitumen emulsion sprayed on the roadbase and covered with a very light layer of aggregate, usually 7mm but 10mm is ok. A Primerseal is primarily to seal the road base to stop water penetration and will allow the asphalt to key into the base.

Primerseals are an absolute must when asphalting steep driveways as asphalt will shove and crack when being rolled due to the lateral forces of the machinery. The aggregate in the primerseal is rolled throught the bitumen and keys into the base. Prime is a blend of kerosine mixed with bitumen to give you a very liquid material that will penatrate and bind together the top layer of the base.

Different blends of prime and application rates are suited to different sites and road base but on most sites it is laid at 0. Prime is ideal for sealing and stabalizing the top layer of loose or porus road base.

The final step is laying the Bitmen or Asphalt. Asphalt must be laid to a compacted minimum thickness of at least 20mm, anything less and it WILL fail Machine laid asphlat is far better than hand laid so make sure you ask you contractor if a asphalt paver will be used. Machine laid asphalt is smoother and denser and will last years longer than hand laid asphalt, the asphalt paver partially compacts the hot asphalt prior to it being rolled. Rolling must be carried out with at least a combination roller with a steel drum on the front and rubber tyres on the rear but preferrably with 2 roller, 1 double drum steel roller followd by a multi tyre roller.

Bitumen is laid differently to asphalt as the bitumen is sprayed onto the roabase and the aggregate is spread by spreader trucks, the aggregate is then rolled into the bitumen. As with asphalt, machine laid bitumen is much better than hand laid bitmen.

How to Calculate Asphalt Tonnage

Spraying by hot bitumen truck guarantees you a constistent application rate of bitumen. Spreading aggregate by trucks with auto spraders will apply far less aggregate and the completed job will have tighter more unform finish than had spreading. Some areas may not be accessable so hand spraying and spreading are essential in these situations.

Bushmates Coloured Bitumen will Last twice as long as standard bitumen as it is Polymer Modified and due to the light colours is stays cooler on hot days. Bushmates Coloured Bitumen is the most natural looking pavement option available on the market today. It is the easiest of all paving materials to repair or add to and the repairs or joins are not visible.

Bitumen Driveways Cost: based on m2, 1hr from depot.

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